27 Pound Gummy Bear

How yummy does this look? This would be perfect for any birthday party or get together. Just fill the belly with any candy and enjoy the outside gummy. Don’t forget (Read More)

Party Bra

Be the ultimate talk of the bar with this party bra. It is inflatable so its completely comfortable and hilarious. Yes, it is exactly what it looks like, you have (Read More)

Pyropet Candles

Check out these super cool candles. I can’t believe that they actually have little metal skeletons under all that wax. Such a cool gift idea for anyone. They have all (Read More)

Breakfast Lollipops

Never have to worry about making breakfast again with these cute lollipops. There is bacon, frosted donut, and maple waffle flavor. The bacon lollipops actually have bacon chunks in it. (Read More)

Finger Mustache Kit

The mustache tattoos are cool but these are even better and much more hilarious. So pick your mustache for your attitude and giggle your buns off or wow your friends. (Read More)

Mustache Tattoos

Have the ultimate mustache party with these funny stick able tattoos. Or you could simple stick on one and feel like you are the man of the house. Which ever (Read More)

Bigfoot Research Kit

Get your hiking boots on and grab your bug spray because we are looking for Bigfoot! This kit comes with everything that you could possibly need to track this legend (Read More)

Dancing Water Speaker

These speakers definitely caught my eye and I think they are so cool. They will dance with water to the beat of the music. There is also different color lights (Read More)

Big Head Squirrel Feeder

Sitting around and watching the squirrels is always interesting but could you imagine watching them eat out of this feeder? I can tell you that I would sit around and (Read More)