Water Sports

Inflatable Boat House

This is the must have for summertime. This inflatable boathouse even comes with 2 rafts. How awesome is that! The neighbor kids will never go away but who cares because (Read More)

Beach Ball In A Can

What a hilarious gift idea. You could even put this in for a gag gift. I think that having a place to store a beach ball that isn’t going to (Read More)

Water Hopscotch

This is hopscotch but with a awesome twist! The whole game has water spouts everywhere and a huge geyser at the end. I know what your thinking, its probably slippery. (Read More)


The Spinchiller can chill a beverage in one minute. It works best for beer, wine, and soda. It can chill your drink in no time and the best part is (Read More)

Schiller Water Bike

This is an amazing new bike that allows you to ride completely on water. It completely deflates for easy transporting. Plus is easy to assemble and disassemble you just need (Read More)

Floating Bar With Cooler

This is a floating bar that comes equipped with a umbrella and  a floating cooler. The floating cooler can fit 48 canned beverages of your choice. What more could you (Read More)