Schiller Water Bike

This is an amazing new bike that allows you to ride completely on water. It completely deflates for easy transporting. Plus is easy to assemble and disassemble you just need (Read More)

Pedal Jeep

This pedal jeep has tires for some tough terrain. You just have to be tough enough to ride it. It even has a adjustable seat for any rider as long (Read More)

Self Balancing Bike

The JyroBike is the worlds first auto balancing bike. It keeps the rider upright even when they wobble or tip! It has controls on the front tire that allow you (Read More)

Limitless Fat Tire Trike

The Juggernaut is a specially designed trike that increases float on sand and snow over 50% compared to other fat bikes! The 29″ tires and low gears allow you to (Read More)

Electric Drift Trike

The¬†Verrado Electric Drift Trike is a scary, fast, electric version of the big wheel you had when you were a kid! It’s heavy duty steal frame construction and rear go-kart (Read More)

The Flying Bicycle

This flying ultralight para-trike is the worlds first flying bicycle! You can fly up to 75 miles on a tank of gas. The three-bladed carbon fiber propeller allows you to take (Read More)

Hot Rod Trike

  This children’s tricycle is made from sturdy all steel construction. It’s a head turner hot rod! The seat is made from leatherette and it has a working headlight. I (Read More)

Super Bike Lights

  These amazing lights will draw everyones attention. They come with 42 themes and 16 colors. That’s hundreds of combinations that you can create! Best of all they are waterproof, (Read More)