3D Play Rug

This is a beyond realistic 3D play rug for children. Have hours and hours of endless fun with your kids. I guarantee you will end up catching yourself playing with (Read More)

Portable Bar

Take the bar with you where ever the path may lead you. This portable bar is not only amazing it is beautiful. This slick wood finish with the beautiful interior (Read More)

Truckbed Swimming Pool

Stay cool this summer like you’ve never even thought of with your truckbed swimming pool.  Invite the neighbor kids and even that pesky neighbor to try out your new pool. (Read More)

RC Amphibious Car

Finally a RC car that is water resistant. This Amphibious RC Car is capable of going through any terrain, even water! With its deep groove tires and 4 x 4 (Read More)

The Pedal Pub™

  The Pedal Pub™ is the perfect way for you and all of your friends to cruise around while drinking your favorite keg of beer! This peddle powered bike can hold (Read More)

The Gotham Golfcart

  Cruise down the golf course at speeds up to 38mph with this superhero inspired golf cart. It was designed after “Tumbler” from the “Dark Knight” movie series. Complete with (Read More)

Live Feed RC Buggy

With this RC Buggy you can download a app for your phone and turn your phone into live video feed from the buggy. The live feed can be viewed from (Read More)


Go anywhere with this 2 seated Helicycle. This vehicle turns from a motorcycle to gyrocopter in under 10 minutes and is capable of going up to speeds of 112 mph (Read More)