The Spinchiller can chill a beverage in one minute. It works best for beer, wine, and soda. It can chill your drink in no time and the best part is (Read More)

Easybreath Snorkeling Mask

This new mask is a snorkelers paradise. The breathing tube is connected to the mask for a complete all in one system. Its lightweight and easy design makes snorkeling a (Read More)

Fold Up Kayak

Go from your work space, grocery store, or wherever your little heart desires to being on the water in minutes with this fold up kayak. This kayak will be assembled (Read More)

Fiesta Island

Never be hot again with this floating island. It has 8 seats but I’m sure you could fit at least 10 people. When you purchase this island it also comes (Read More)

Light Up Your Board or Kayak

Light up the night time adventure on your kayak or board with this light up system.  Easy to install and extremely bright. You could even do some nighttime fish spotting (Read More)