Amphibious Vehicles

DTV Shredder

  The DTV Shredder is a crazy powerful cross between a skateboard, ATV, and motorcycle. It has dual tracks that allow you to turn with a smooth carving action. You (Read More)

Schiller Water Bike

This is an amazing new bike that allows you to ride completely on water. It completely deflates for easy transporting. Plus is easy to assemble and disassemble you just need (Read More)

Electric Watercraft

I know I’m always trying to acquire some peace and quite throughout my day what about you? Could you imagine being able to achieve that with this one person watercraft? (Read More)

Icon A5 Airplane

This amphibious airplane seats 2 people and is so easy to fly! The wings fold up for easy transportation so you can take it with you everywhere! The Icon A5 (Read More)

Amphibious Tank

This aluminum 8-wheeled amphibious tank can go anywhere you can imagine! It’s perfect for wetlands, swamps, saltwater, and floodplains! The diesel motor provides plenty of power to track up to (Read More)

Amphibious Camper

The Sealander is a camper designed for land and water! Can you imagine backing your camper into the water, flipping out the motor, and exploring until you find your on-the-water (Read More)

The Flying Hovercraft

This hovercraft has a 130-hp twin-cylinder, liquid-cooled gasoline, turbocharged and fuel-injected engine. It can fly up to 70 MPH, operate in fresh or saltwater,  hover over sand, mud, grass, swamp, (Read More)